Feed Capabilities

Do you have a feed recipe that really works for you?  At J & B Feed Company we make custom batches of feed everyday:  horses, dairy goats, show cattle, hogs and chickens.

There are some things we can't do in a 150 year old mill and won't do as a matter of principle: 1). If it is illegal, don't even ask (combining certain medications, using meat/bone meal, etc) 2). Make you a pellet or a crumble (we don't have a pellet mill) 3). Grind oats, barley, flax seed or any other grain than corn (our mill is set up to be dedicated to corn) 4). Make feed with non-gmo corn (while we would like this capability, at this time we have no way of separating it from regular corn.

Enough of what we can't do.  What we do everyday is make some of the cleanest cracked corn you will ever find.  In our mill, we cut the corn and sift out the fines.  This makes the some of the cleanest texturized horse/goat/cattle/chicken scratch and wild bird feeds you will find.  We can crimp oats and barley, fortify your feed with minerals, salt, and vitamins and if you want, delivered it to you bagged or bulk (delivery fees and minimum amounts would apply). On a custom batch we do ask that you get at least 500#.

西瓜网I have never set out to be the lowest cost provider, so I won't say you can't get it cheaper somewhere else.  What I will tell you is the price will be fair and it will be made by a company that all we do is make and sell feed.  Chances are it will be made by our main mill man, Andy Kuszmaul.  Andy has been making feed for J & B Feed customers since 1976.  He knows what he's doing.

Posted on February 26, 2015 .